In a heartfelt social media post, Bernice Kariuki, the esteemed chef of Arsenal Football Club, bid farewell to the club after an extraordinary season, referring to it as the best special season ever. 

The post, written in an exultant tone, expressed Bernice's profound pride in being associated with what she described as the finest club in the world.

Under the headline "A Final Day Flourish," Bernice's message exuded enthusiasm and gratitude for her time at Arsenal. 

Bernice Kariuki. PHOTO/COURTESY

She proudly announced the conclusion of the season with a bang and proclaimed Arsenal as simply the best. 

"A final day flourish. Finished the season with a bang! Simply the best!!! Arsenal… Arsenal… Arsenal.. 2020/2023, the best special season ever,” Bernice wrote.

Bernice, a chef of utmost distinction, stated that she was hanging her gloves with utmost pride after her time with the club. 

She reflected on her experience, acknowledging the immense honour she felt in serving Arsenal. 

Her words conveyed a deep sense of humility, as she revealed how genuinely humbled she was by the opportunity to work for the club, describing it as a truly humbling experience.

Expressing her gratitude, Bernice thanked everyone involved with the club, extending special thanks to her home country for their immense support. 

"I hang my gloves as a very proud chef, it’s been an honour working for the best club in the whole world. I was truly humbled," she said.

The conclusion of Bernice's post left readers with a sense of anticipation, as she hinted at her next job, describing it as a dream and stating that she is humbled once again. With a regal touch, she signed off, signifying her aspirations for a future filled with blessings.

“More Blessings My Next Job It’s like Dream Royally Truly Humbled..”

In an eloquent statement, she expressed her appreciation, saying, "Asanteni Sana Especially my Country," acknowledging the invaluable support received from her compatriots.