Popular actor Robert Agengo known better for his role in the popular Citizen TV’s show, Zora, has opened up about his candid views on marriage among other private things about his life.


Speaking at an interview with a local media, the renowned thespian revealed he does not believe in marriage and would always choose to live alone or with his children rather than committing to a union with a woman.

Agengo opened up that he has five baby mamas and six children whom he is raising. He further disclosed that sometimes it’s challenging raising kids with different women as they disagree at some point but he noted that what matters is that most of them understand him.

“I have six kids from five women. Sometimes we brush shoulders but if they understand my life as an artiste, they know most of the time how life can be especially in such situations but that’s life and we take it everyday as life goes on,"

“I always want them to know that responsibility is for two people and I don’t have to have money to have a relationship with my child,” Agengo said.


According to the actor, he chose not to marry as he does not want to be the cause of either happiness or sorrow in anyone’s life.

He revealed that he uses the same method in raising his six kids by urging them not to expect anything from anyone, as no one owes them anything.

“I do not believe in marriage I would rather be alone or be with my children. I don’t want to feel like I am responsible for anybody’s happiness. Even the way I raise my children, I tell them nobody owes them anything. You only do it out of obligation and what you feel. You don’t have to go out of your way and get uncomfortable to provide for someone else,” said Agengo.

When asked how he deals with his five baby mamas and if they all agreed to co-parent the actor said that they do co-parent but at times they fallout.


“I have six children with five women. The first woman I dated has two kids, my firstborn and second-born and the other four have one each, Sometimes we have issues but we take it each day as it comes. I just want people to know that the responsibility is for two people. I don’t have to have money to have a relationship with my children. I might be broke for even 20 years but it is not a sin or a reason to publish me, I was calling one of my baby mamas trying to communicate with my child but the boyfriend told me if I continue talking to her, he will leave her. Actually, my third and fourth born were born in the same year,” he added.