Former Tuko Talks host, producer, content developer, and media celebrity Lynn Ngugi was involved in an accident.

Lynn was travelling in a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado was headed to the Kenya and Tanzanian border for a shoot when the accident occurred.


According to Lynn, the vehicle lost control briefly after its front left wheel broke its ball joint, forcing off the entire wheel while the vehicle was on the move. 

“Was sitting on the front left and the wheel on my side literally broke its bolt joints, forcing the wheel to come off while still on the move,” Lynn said.


The talk show host who recently ditched the Tuko digital media platform to start her own show believes the accident was just meant to happen, albeit the car was properly serviced the previous day.

“The car was fully serviced yesterday so let's just say, this was meant to happen,” she said.

Gladly, nobody was injured in the accident. 


She could not thank her God enough for protecting and guarding them throughout the situation.

“In everything, let's give thanks.

And always pray for God's peace and calmness in every situation you are in. I have never doubted that I am protected, guarded and loved by Him,” she said.