Renowned media personality Sharon Mundia has finally shared her views on marriage years after breaking up with her husband Lonina Leteipan.

According to her, she had to clear the air for the first time after receiving multiple questions about her marriage which she has been avoiding.

According to the beauty queen, also known as This is Ess, her relationship with a constructive marriage has changed and she’s only focused on a beneficial relationship with someone.

“Growing up, I was very excited to get married and specifically the wedding. Now I am more interested in establishing a safe, healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with the one. I’m not so attached to marriage,” she said.

She further narrated that she has no straight decision on whether or not, to get more kids to have at all.

“This is hard, actually I’m not so sure I want kids either. There are days I’m like ‘yes give me another baby right now and there are days I’m like ‘you if it’s just me and my little one I would be okay, yeah okay.”

Sharon also opened up that she already healed after the ugly break-up thanks to her support from friends, family and reading books.

"Whether you’re going through a divorce, separation or breakup, I think one of the best things you could have is support from friends and family, people who have your back and show up for you physically," she added.

"The things that helped was certain books and another thing I learned through therapy is writing down my feelings in form of a letter to myself and in that letter what I remember saying, ‘It's okay, I’ve got you, I know this is difficult but guess what I’m not going anywhere, I’m here I love you," she said.