Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi announced on Tuesday that he had sent auctioneers to Kenya National Highways Authority (KENHA) to confiscate three high-end motor vehicles.

According to Ahmednasir, the action was necessitated by KENHA’s failure to honour a court decision ordering it compensate the lawyer for damaging his high-end vehicle windscreen.

The court had directed that the authority compensates him the Sh730,000 he used to repair his Bentley Bentayga after KENHA employees caused damage to its windscreen.


The lawyer had told the court that the incidence happened while he was returning to Nairobi from Namanga in August 2018 when the authority’s staff repairing the road damaged his windscreen.

In a post on his Twitter page Tuesday, Ahmednasir said the impounded Toyota Prado registration KBW 919E, KCP 535K and a Pick-up KCT 764Y will be sold to recover the amount he is owed.