Comedian Prof. Hamo and comedienne Jemutai have agreed to a ceasefire in their war of words after the intervention of their fellow comedian and Churchill show founder Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill.


Daniel Ndambuki alias Churchill. PHOTO/COURTESY

Churchill announced through his Twitter account on Sunday that he had a cordial talk with Prof Hamo and Jemutai and they both agreed to address the matter away from the public and find an amicable solution.

His tweet came a few hours after Hamo’s response to Jemutai’s deadbeat dad claims and Jemutai’s rebuttal to Hamo’s response.

We have had a long cordial talk with Hamo & Jemutai and agreed to deal with the matter privately and find an amicable the end the kids have to win. Have a blessed Sunday.” Churchill tweeted.

His intervention has seen the two delete the back-and-forth messages they had posted on their social media handles.

Prof. Hamo has thanked his “boss” Churchill for intervening through a tweet:

Both Hamo and Jemutai launched their careers on Daniel “Churchill” Ndabuki’s Churchill Show, a product of his company Laugh Industry.

Jemutai and Professor Hamo in a past show. PHOTO/COURTESY.