Public Relations guru Pauline Masese has narrated how she had an inappropriate encounter with her uncle more than 20 years ago that almost got her defiled as a little girl.

Masese took to her Facebook page to narrate the unfortunate incident with “everyone’s favourite uncle”, which she had not shared with anyone until Friday following the victim shaming incident by Homeboyz Radio presenters.

Pauline Masese. PHOTO/COURTESY

She wondered why she was targeted by her uncle and where it was her fault as allegedly insinuated by three radio presenters who were sacked for reportedly victim shaming. Here is her story in her own words:

The year is 1990 something... Pauline and her cousins went on holiday. It was tradition to visit different relaz on some holidays.

One night, Pauline's uncle sneaks into her room and asks her to get intimate with him.

The uncle was the host. Pauline's aunty was asleep oblivious of the midnight huntings in her home. Confused, Pauline starts crying and rubbing her eyes because she was sleepy. She looks at the clock on the wall & its 3AM... everyone was fast asleep.

We had been swimming and gaming the whole day so I could imagine the fatigue on my cousins who were fast asleep. So here I am alone. At the door. Standing next to my uncle with a towel hanging loose on his waist.

What did I do wrong? Was I too available and loose as Shaffie and the crew insinuated... a bonny tall girl hardly a teenager... what could I have possibly done to attract my uncle? Pauline pretended to get something from her room and locked the door with keys.

She was miles away from home with no one to turn to... who would believe her story anyway? Uncle X was everyone's favourite uncle. This is just one of the millions of stories out there... the untold stories. Signed, 2021. #MeTooMovement

With this story, she hoped to raise more awareness on how innocent girls and women are targeted by people closest to them and also believes victims of gender based violence should not be victim shamed and instead protected from predators.