Politician Karen Nyamu on Tuesday accused Mugithi singer Samidoh Muchoki of escaping reality over their affair after distancing himself from her and publicly apologising to his wife for the fling and the ensuing controversy.

She took to her Insta-Stories after Samidoh apologised to his wife, family and fans for his indiscretion that resulted in a son with Nyamu, who shared a video of him holding their son.

The Kikuyu music sensation rebutted the politician and lawyer’s persistence that they were in a relationship instead declaring his undying love for his wife, Edith Nderitu.

Nyamu taunted him on Insta-stories while sharing screenshots of their most recent chats, “Running away from reality mpaka lini…It was easier to declare the whole truth and not just half of it because you will soon become a slave to apologies.”

The father of three, in his port, termed the “friendship” that resulted in the birth of a son, a mistake but undertook to support their child emotionally and financially.

However, details have emerged of the drama that ensued on the night after Nyamu leaked the video of Samidoh sharing an intimate moment with his son while holding him in his arms.

Sources familiar with the happenings has told Swala Nyeti that a furious Samidoh had rushed to Nyamu’s house demanding to talk to her over decision to post their private moments online.

According to the source, the singer busted into the politician’s house and only found her house help as she reportedly hid from him in the parking lot and only appeared at the house past 4am after he had left.

Our source said the singer’s wife, Edith, allegedly already knew of Samidoh’s son born out of wedlock and had already accepted that Samidoh would take care of him and not his baby mama before Nyamu blew the lid on their steamy relationship.

Nyamu’s video leak, our source says, complicated matters for Samidoh as he wanted to handle the matter away from the glare of the public and media but she seemingly had other plans.

We have learnt that by going public, Nyamu greatly irked the mugithi singer that he opted to end the affair altogether and focus on his 11-year-old marriage to Edith that is now rocky.

Will the Tuesday drama mark the end of their ugly public spat or it is just the beginning of the affair saga?