Selina tv show actor Pascal Tokodi has divided the opinions of Kenyans on social media after he shared a video clip of his very brief encounter with President Uhuru Kenyatta in Nairobi.

In the clip, Tokodi and a friend can be seen excitedly greeting President Kenyatta from inside their car as the smiling Head of State strolls outside the State House holding a stick.

One can tell from the video the surprise the actor and his friend had as they realised the import of the moment that presented them with a rare chance to have a small and close chat with Kenyatta.

As their vehicle drives past the president, Tokodi can be heard engaging him in a small chit chat that ends with him appealing to the Head of State to watch Selina on Magic East, he stars in the tv series.

“How are you sir? Oh my goodness…what! Have a good day. Ona Selina…ona Selina…Maisha Magic East,” an elated Tokodi tells a waving and smiling President Kenyatta as he drives off.

However, Kenyans are sharply divided over how the actor and musician utilised the rare opportunity, with some blaming him for squandering the chance as others praised him for marketing his hustle.

Here are samples of the varied opinions about Tokodi’s rare moment:

Hours later, Tokodi posted a video clip capturing his delight at the chance encounter with the most powerful person in Kenya, explaining that he saw it wise to use the chance to market himself and the show.