Former news anchor Louis Otieno intends to make a comeback to your television screens after battling a disease that saw him to lose hearing.

In a video circulating on social media, the former KTN and Citizen TV top anchor said he would return to host a show called the Second Act. 

“This has taken a lot of work and is happening because certain people have put together their time, their money, their efforts and they want to see me back because the country is going through a very difficult time,” Otieno said.

“When this happens, I would like to talk to people who deal with the difficult decisions and get answers for you from them.

“Before I even start to meet these people, I must give thanks to you, the Kenyans, because I reached out to the country and you came out, and you made your effort because you wanted me back”.

Otieno his new programme will be on current affairs in Kenya, including the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) and referendum, possible Parliament dissolution and 2022 succession politics.