Mumias East MP Peter Salasya has invited a lady who professed her desire to have him as her husband for lunch at the Parliament Buildings.

The lady who identified herself as Lydia Ronad took to the streets of the city with a placard on which she clearly let the MP know that she had considered him for future matrimony.

“MP Peter Salasya Marry Me Plz Plz Mheshimiwa (Mumias),” the placard read.

“I am Lydia Ronad No. 0748XXXXXX,”

Lydia went ahead and put her best foot forward by listing her best traits that would make any sane man consider her a serious candidate for immediate matrimony.

She said she was hard-working, God-fearing, loving and caring.

In response to his open admirer through his social media, Salasya commended the lady’s courage and congratulated her for taking the bold step.

He also invited Lydia for lunch at the Parliament Building on Tuesday.

“It takes courage and brave to speak your mind in broad light. I congratulate her for the steps. May God Bless this young Girl. You deserve the best,” Salasya said.

“Tomorrow I invite you for a lunch in the parliament buildings. You will have a privilege to have lunch with members.”