Police are holding popular Tanzanian singer Harmonize in custody at the Kileleshwa police station following an incident in which the musician breached a contract he had signed with a client.

According to the director of the Captain's Lounge, a certain entity was paid Sh450, 000 to take Harmonize to the club, have a party 

"I paid Maramani, Sh450,000 to bring Harmonize to the club, to have a party, to be with the fans for one and a half hours. But when Harmonize came he just entered the club and stayed there for about...a maximum of five minutes and left, which angered my fans to the point that they wanted to beat him up," the director said.

The director, Captain's Lounge, wanted to be paid over Sh2.2 million in refunds and damages.

"I'm complaining, and I request to be refunded my money, which I used to set up. To set up it cost me Sh1.5 million, in addition to the Sh450,000 which I paid. And I also spent money in marketing, to the tune of about Sh300,000, and I lost business that day. And also reputational loss," the director said.

"For that, I am requesting to be refunded my money. Although I'm taking the case forward, I've reported the matter with Athi River Police. And I am also...Harmonize has been arrested and I would like him to be detained until we go to court on Wednesday."