Bonfire Managing Director Sarah Kabu has toned down from her earlier position and apologised to her husband Simon Kabu.

A storm has been looming over the power couple’s marriage in the recent past with details of the same spilling on the media.

Sarah took to her Instagram handle to apologise to her husband following the misunderstanding that has been causing her sleepless nights.

She also appealed to her husband to allow them to resolve their matter away from the public and asked for their fans to pray for them.

“Forgive me Simon. Lest sort our issues offline. All is well. Please keeps us in your prayers,”  Sarah wrote in her Instastory.

The Bonfire MD also apologised to her family for her actions during a recent interview in which she lifted the lid on the troubles they were facing in their marriage.

Sarah also intimated that she was in distress when she ranted online about their relationship, giving misleading information.

“Sorry my Fam. when I was in distress I said things that I shouldn't have said online and thus misleading. Life is a lesson and we learn everyday,” she wrote.

Sarah had come out revealing details of her marriage with Simon. She said their marriage was not a walk in the park as people perceived but faced challenges.

She said she was tired of giving the flawless facade as she masked an underlying issue.

“It reached a point I said I don’t want to live a fake life anymore. I will live the real me and who I am. Sometimes I see people are getting inspired by me and yet I’m just showing the good part. They have not seen the bad part,” she said.

Sarah further revealed her marriage was on the brink of collapsing and discussions of separating from her husband were on the table.

“We have been discussing separation because I have been telling him I’m not so comfortable in this marriage and I’m tired of faking and we are in discussions. I wanted a peaceful separation and even co-parenting,” she revealed.

According to Sarah, the bone of contention between her and her husband is the interference of Simon’s ‘other families’

Simon had two children from two previous relationships and according to Sarah, the baby mamas have been causing chaos in their marriage.

"One of the baby mama’s is very dramatic, sometimes I see her insulting him and sending me messages and all that... at one time he wanted to bring one of the kids home but I told him to give them support from a distance because I need my family close,” Sarah said.

Things escalated to serious heights when Sarah moved out of their home to go calm down and relax from the pressures of their troubled relationship.

When she got back home a day after she spent a night at Trade Mark Hotel, she found that her husband had taken their children without her knowledge to Amboseli.

“I told him I will be moving out... just to calm and relax and take a breather. That day I slept at Trade Mark Hotel and the next when I came home... he had organised and picked the kids and went to Amboseli without my knowledge. He did not go with any of my nannies, and one thing I believe is that they have a right to privacy,” Sarah said.

Sarah got vexed because Simon took their children to Amboseli without her permission and she involved the police in the matter.

Social media pundits recently questioned Sarah’s absence from a video Simon shared having a good time with his children at an undisclosed location.

That was conspicuously odd because the Kabus usually travel together for holidays. That spelt trouble in the marriage of the power couple.

During a Question and Answer session with his followers on Instagram, Simon denounced claims that their marriage was troubled.

A fan asked Simon if the rumours about their marriage were true and he downplayed the question raised tactfully.

Simon affirmed to his fans he was happily married to one wife and would never cheat on her when some other fans asked him if he had another woman and why he cheated on Sara.