The outspoken and eccentric King Kalala has revealed that the reason she was not dating anyone was because she would cheat on them.

“I’m not dating and the reason is very simple: Me I’ll cheat on you. I am not lying,” she revealed excitedly.

The 22-year-old, who many perceive as the ‘female Andrew Kibe,’ feels she is not ready for a relationship until she gets over her cheating ways.

“Let me not do this thing where I am coming into a relationship, I’m getting you involved and I’m like ‘I love you’ na nimetoka kucheat,” Kalala explained.

King Kalala, real name Prudence Chepkirui Tonui, made the revelations on Azziad Nasenya’s Youtube show ‘Shoe game with Azziad.’

The deep-voiced lass has gained popularity for her controversial opinions on sexuality, relationships as well as men and their pockets.

“So I know everyone has their ups and downs, mimi niko na weakness ya kucheat. Mali za wenyewe…JESUS!

“I’d rather not date. I’d rather learn how to be a normal person, to be nice in a relationship. Plus mimi napenda flings mbaya,” she told a shocked Azziad.

But all is not lost. The online sensation is willing to give it a try in future.

“When the time comes, I want to learn the art of faithfulness,” she concluded.

King Kalala aspires to be a radio show host. Will her dreams come true any time soon?