Infertility among women has been one of the leading causes of stress and has strained many married couples and even resulted in  many breakups in Kenya.

A lot of people have struggled with the problem of infertility including some renowned politicians and celebrities in Kenya.

Some have opted to open up about the issue that has seen many men and women stigmatised by the society for not being able to conceive while many others have not gained the courage to speak out.

Celebrated gospel musician Shiro Wa GP is among the big names in Kenya who struggled with the infertillity problem and has opened up on how tough life had been for her and her husband.

Speaking during a recent interview, the popular singer revealed that they had tried almost everything they could to try and treat her infertility but all efforts failed to bear any fruit.

Shiro said her husband was put under tremendous pressure for them to conceive and was at the same tired of trying as they had already spent millions of shillings trying to get a baby to no avail. 

Their fans did not make things any better for them celebrity couple and also pressured the couple by constantly asking them when they planned to have babies of their own.

The singer revealed that she was heartbroken when her husband had an affair and impregnated a woman who was a congregant at a church she used to attend and this happened at a time her music career was taking off leaving her devastated.

In a twist of fate, she realised she was pregnant with twins when her husband’s baby mama was five months pregnant.

“We had spent lots of millions to treat my ‘infertility’ but all the efforts were in vain. My husband bowed to pressure and impregnated a woman we attended the same church with,” she narrated painfully.

“When the baby mama was five months pregnant, I also luckily got pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl and I was so excited,” Shiro revealed.

However, during her highly anticipated delivery, Shiro lost one of her twins, a boy, leaving her with a beautiful baby girl, though through a pre-term birth.

Despite her ordeal, Shiro wa GP is thankful for being able to deliver her baby after a long struggle with infertility.