The winner of Eric Omondi’s popular wife material show season 3 Monica Ayen has come out slamming the comedian for lying to her and taking advantage of her patience.

According to her, she believed that everything Eric said was out of love and actually loved her from the bottom of his heart but was only shocked later when he started avoiding her. She accompanied the lengthy caption with a video of her and the comedian cuddling.

The Sudanese supermodel was irked by the fact that Eric brought her all the way from her country and later made her fight for his heart, making her look like a heartbroken and desperate soul. 

“I’m disappointed again in the fact that he knew I was patient and took advantage of it, the fact that I supported him even if he was wrong, he brought me all the way from my country to come and make me feel like I have to fight my way through his heart. I feel so dumb and heartbroken right now being kept in this situation that I never asked for,” Ayen wrote. 

She added she felt bad about how Eric kept professing his love for her and they both knew clearly the frequent ‘I love you’ would fix nothing. She further stated that she has called off their marriage, revealing that she never tolerates liars.

"I hate the fact that you lied and that’s why I don’t want this marriage or whatever relationship that is happening between us to continue because I told you from the beginning that I don’t tolerate liars!" She disclosed.

Ayen also pointed out his recent online drama from faking a pregnancy with popular musician Miss P and what followed was an exchange of words with his baby mama Jacque Maribe and even never went home.

“It was the fake pregnancy first I understood it, then your baby mama drama and then now you’re not home what is all this? I’m not that girl honey, I’m not going to sit down and wait for you to waste my time I’m going to be leaving as soon as possible thank you for trying to keep me though,” she added.

The model wrapped up her message by asking the star to treat the next winner of his Wife Material show better if he is serious about settling.