Radio personality and media personality Kamene Goro has disclosed that she is in a happy romantic relationship.

During a question-and-answer session on her Instagram account with her fans, Kamene turned down an offer from a fan who pleaded to date her and revealed she was taken long ago.

“I was taken a long time ago,” Kamene replied.

She further attributed her flawless skin and glow to a good skincare routine and her lover.

“A good man and good skincare regime,” she said.

She further talked about her relationship with her former co-host Andrew Kibe and blogger Xtian Dela, revealing that they chose to take different paths.

“We took different paths, people changed. It’s life,” she revealed.

In the same session, the beauty revealed why she opted to lose weight.

“I really wonder why people are always so up in their feelings about my body. But no, no gym I’ve been unwell and also stressed but whether I lose or add I’m not concerned. Life is about so much more. Like let’s make money, a lot of it,” she said.