Gospel artist Pitson Le Grand, real name Peterson Ngetha has opened up on how he avoided engaging in immoral acts during his campus days.

Appearing on an interview on a local TV, the singer narrated that he and his university mates had formed a group where they all had agreed not to have sex with their girlfriends throughout their campus life.

He revealed it was when he met his wife Purity who was a second-year student and he couldn’t resist her beauty and approached her, shot his shot and they started dating.

The couple led a happy life until Pitson shot to fame with his song Lingala ya Yesu and generated lots of money from it and because he had no responsibilities at that time; he used the money to sponsor and hang out with multiple women.

He disclosed that the women he pleased with money would thank him with more than one way.

“We are doing so well, we get married, I get a job in the bank then lingala also happens. Many artists will tell you there was a time when there was money in the gospel industry, a lot of money. It was untaxed because other than Skiza which was taxed, the money we were paid on shows was not taxed. With that money I paid rent for so many ladies, I became a sponsor,” he recounted.

Pitson further revealed that his wife learned about his behaviors and was so angry to an extent that she decided to leave her matrimonial home and went back to her parents home.

“My wife found out through the messages and the money in the account wasn’t making sense. She knew how much I making but it was not growing so she knew there were other people. All the women I was keeping were born again some were serving in church,” said Pitson.

Pitson confessed that he went with his family to his wife’s parents home and he apologized and went home with the woman. Sadly, Pitson did not become faithful, and this time he became wiser and hid his affairs with other women.

His wife however found out and they parted ways again.

“We went with my family and I picked her but I did not stop cheating. I became wiser at hiding them and she found out and she left again. My father went and talked to her parents and she came back. I apologized and she has never left again.”