Socialite Corazon Kwamboka has revealed that her second pregnancy was not planned.

Kwamboka and her fiance Frankie Kiarie alias Just Gym It recently announced that they are expecting their second-born child and were overjoyed with the news.

In a recent question-and-answer session on her Instagram account, Kwamboka was asked by a curious fan whether she and Kiarie had planned about their second child.

“Did You plan for Baby Number 2, am a first-time mom through CS and planning also?” asked the fan.

In a quick rejoinder, the socialite and lawyer said that it was not planned but she was excited by the news.

“No, but I was excited when I learnt about it," she replied.

The curvaceous mother further revealed that she will be moving in with Frankie immediately after their marriage.

She also revealed that she was not on contraceptives, as she ignorantly thought breastfeeding was enough.

"Congratulations, were you on any family planning," asked a fan.

"Nope! Thought ignorantly that breastfeeding was enough contraceptive," she replied.