A struggling 21-year-old man identified as Vincent Mboya who got help from media personality Jalang’o to clear his Sh18,000 rent arrears has now asked him to go collect his money.

The young man, who appealed for help in early August, said he had decided to refund the money to Jalang’o.

According to the young man, he was angered by Jalang’o's sentiments when he was offering him help.

“Felix Odiwuor (Jalang’o), come for your money. I’m giving you 48 hours you come collect your money. He can pin his location so that we meet and I hand him the cash,” he said.

The furious man further added that he has good cash now and can even top up more money on top of the Sh18,000 he received from the comedian. 

“I’m returning the money in good faith…If he wants me to exceed it I will do. My name is the prize,” he said.

The interviewer wanted to know whether he will vacate his house for a cheaper one and he said.

“I have afforded to return the money, how will I vacate,” he said.

Mboya revealed that he was irked by Jalang’os sentiments, where he asked him to work and forget depending on strangers' sympathy.

“Your rent has been paid. Call your caretaker to confirm it. But you should stop looking for sympathy, go out there and work,” Jalang’o told Mboya.

The 21-year-old said he felt belittled by Jalang'o's statement.

“I was so disappointed. I was so upset by that part. I’m grateful that he helped me, but I don’t think the “work your *** off” part was necessary,” Mboya had said in an interview.