Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai has hinted at a split with her friend Phoina in a cryptic message after she was seen spending quality time with Omar Lali over the weekend.

Omar Lali was Anerlisa’s late sister Tecra Muigai’s boyfriend and has since been the main suspect in a court case following her mysterious death.

Omar and Phoina. PHOTO/COURTESY

Phoina had travelled to Lamu for self vacation and enjoy the boat rides before meeting Lali.

In a video she shared, the lass could be seen with Lali in a nightclub and enjoying.

She could be heard asking Lali to greet her online friends in the short clip.

Anerlisa Muigai. PHOTO/COURTESY

Anerlisa who came across the video seems to have been disappointed in Phoina and, taking to her Instagram she hinted at an end of their relationship.

She might have taken the act of Phoina meeting Lali as betrayal owing to the family’s allegation he killed their kin.

 “And that’s it for our friendship,” Anerlisa wrote on her instastories.

Phoina and Anerlisa have been good friends for years and travelled to different places to have fun together.