Media personality and disc jockey DJ Pierra Makena on Saturday, July 31 sharply criticized Meru County Governor Kiraitu Murungi for sending officers to disrupt her event scheduled to happen in the county.

Makena and her crew had travelled from Nairobi to Meru for her homecoming event named ‘Park and Chill’ which was supposed to happen at the Meru ASK Showground 

Makena, who took to her Instagram account, bashed the county boss saying it was unfair for her event to be cancelled yet they obeyed all COVID-19 protocols.

The DJ noted that the guests who were present at the event stayed inside their cars to avoid overcrowding and prevent contracting the dreadful virus.

“ Who else is frustrated by Kenya like me????? This is 12 PM today. Merus and my fans were ready. Even with all the regulations given they were ready to obey but make sure my homecoming works…we got all approvals…we did everything right. Why would my own Governor @hon_kiraitu_murungi say we be stopped," posed Makena.

She was left with answered questions in which she wondered what wrong had they done for having the event cancelled.

Makena further noted that she and her crew were treated harshly by the officers sent to disperse them.

She ended her lengthy text by informing the county boss to let them work, as that’s the only way they earn a living.

"How have we broken any rule? We are out in the open…Guys were in their cars…why would you send for us to be stopped?????????? What have we done wrong?? Why would we be treated like we have robbed a bank?? We are trying to earn a genuine living," she added.