Tanzania bongo start and Wasafi records CEO Diamond Platnumz has set the records clear after rumours were rife that his new Rolls Royce Cullinan broke down.

The rumours started immediately after a video of a blue vehicle similar to his surfaced and it was terribly broken and could be seen being taken to a garage.

While responding to the rumours, the star trashed the claims, noting that he was still in good condition and parked at his compound.

The Iyo hitmaker said that his naysers try so much to pull him down by any means but have never succeeded.

On his message, the vehicle had been painted by garage owners in 3D paint, making it look exactly like his in an aim to soil his name.

He further revealed that the vehicle has gone out of his compound only twice since it was imported.

“Don’t get it twisted! Since my vehicle arrived in the country, it has left my compound only twice. The first time was when I went on a yacht, and the second time, I was chauffeured in it to the airport on my way to South Africa. They are using a fake 3D car that looks like my Rolls Royce to lie to people that my vehicle was at their garage,” said Diamond.