Socialite and businesswoman Vera Sidika has fired back at comedian Akuku Danger who accused her of refusing to pay him Sh5,000 for service rendered during the gender reveal party.

In an Instagram post, fumed Sidika accused the funnyman of spreading lies aiming at destroying her image and good relation with the public.

She further demanded Akuku stays quiet, noting that they were in agreement that he will be paid KSh 10,000 but he later on, upon reaching the venue added KSh 5,000.

“I just Discovered there are professionals lying. Some names I never even knew existed till today. Somebody just mentioned it to me and told me they are desperately looking for fame, because their mates waliomoka kwa some comedy show, now their carrier is professional Liars!”

Sidika further christened the comedian ‘chicken’ in a bid to mock him. She was open that in her lifetime she has never met someone called ‘Chicken’ and was even awestruck after coming across one.

“I’ve never in my life talked to any human being called Chicken. The only Chicken I know is Ingokho. Juu Ya hiyo story wacha niendee ile Lunch ya 59K this week,” read part of Vera’s statement.

The Mombasa based socialite went ahead, complaining that Akuku and his team arrived at the event late despite being paid immediately after ordering the services.

“On top of it, the Chicken got in late 2 hours later than agreed time. Leaving just 1-hour service. 8 pm-9 pm. Water alone cost me a whooping Ksh105, 000.” Vera said

"If they only knew the amount of money put in that gender reveal party. To think that Sh5K is anything. That’s not even my Damn call credit. My team handles planning and use my mother’s phone to make all payments in full before anyone set a foot at the venue.” 

In a quick and bitter response, unshaken Akuku courageously shut down Sidika by asking her to stop bragging about the water she ordered from the website or the Décor that was ‘out of this world’ but focus on paying him what is rightfully his.

Akuku also asked her to stop lying about sending a PA to converse and negotiate about the services, revealing that she did it.

"Stop lying to people that it’s Your PA who contacted me. The same strength you used ukinipigia nilete sound is the same strength naomba unilipe nayo sio ati after the event you now sending me your drunk PA plus a group of hao walevi wenzako to harass us,” said Akuku.

The furious comedian told off the socialite, stating that they had agreed on payment after the gig and not the following morning or something close to not paying.

"To those who know how the business of providing a service works know that it’s a down payment before the gig then the rest when you get to the venue/or done with the gig(That was the agreement) Hakukuwa na story ya kulala ati ntalipwa kesho or something like that which by the way singe mind but the way you packaged that information with insults plus wasting my time and intimidating us with your security went contrary to the agreement," added Akuku.