Celebrated power couple Wahu Kagwi and Nameless whose real name is David Mathenge, have recounted moments before the got involved in a road accident that took the life of legendary rapper E-sir.

According to Nameless, the group drove a few kilometers and stopped at a petrol station to refill and before proceeding with their journey, E-sir invited him at the back seat for a chat.

They kicked off the journey again and drove for a while before E-sir spotted a beautiful lake and could not keep calm as he asked the rest to take a look.

“E-Sir looks through and says, ‘Look at that lake it’s very beautiful and has a pink reflection, it’s beautiful,’ then we all looked at the lake and we were like ‘wow that’s so nice’. When the driver was looking, not concentrating on the road, so he did not know that he was swerving away from the centre. When he could not get control of the car and it started flipping,” Nameless remembered that fateful day, March 16, 2003 vividly.

Wahu who was at her apartment said she was shocked by the news that her husband, Nameless was involved in a road.

Wahu said she quickly picked her phone and called Nameless’ elder brother Bob Mathenge and they quickly took off to Nakuru.

Upon reaching the hospital where the victims were rushed they found the vehicles driver crying and that gave them a shivery mood.

According to Bob, when they got to the ward where Nameless was , he told them that he heard E-sir was dead but he had not confirmed.

“I had to go to the mortuary, first time in there and I had to identify E-Sir.,” Bob said.

Wahu emotionally narrated that Bob came back in a sad face and confirmed that the rapper had passed away.