Legendary gospel singer Daddy Owen has recalled a saddening ordeal that left him with a squint in his eye.

Speaking on Churchill show journey edition, the multi-talented artist revealed that the incident happened when he was not yet born again and was a thief.

He narrated that one day while with his friend at a robbery, an angry mob bumped at them and luckily his friends ran away but he was caught as he was not as fast.

According to him, that day they had planned to rob a Matatu but thing went South.

“Mimi nilikuwa nimeketi kwa kiti ya nyuma wengi walikuwa huko wameketi mbele na sikujua vile walitoroka after wamenotice nikubaya waakaniwacha nikishout peke Yangu." said Daddy Owen.

It was when the Matatu stopped and he was kicked out and a furious mob pounced on him.

He emotionally stated that while being beaten he had given up on life as he knew the mob could not spare him.

Owen revealed that it was at that time when he got the squint as some of the mob came with rungus hitting him so hard.

The star narrated that he was rushed to hospital later on after the mob left and doctors tried their best to treat the eye but it was too late and his eye had to be removed through surgery.

After the incident his life took a new and positive turn as he decided to follow God and His Holy ways.

That was the time Daddy Owen realized God had gifted him with a singing talent. His music career then commenced and since then he has never backslided.