Jamal Ibrahim's second wife Amber Ray has finally addressed the drama witnessed between her and her co-wife, Amira, at her residence in Syokimau.

The Nairobi socialite narrated that the whole incident was caused by a dead bird thrown at her gate by unknown people in what she speculated was witchcraft or just for provocative purposes.

After spotting the dead bird, Amber, who had just arrived from Machakos, called her husband, who advised her to record a video but to avoid touching it.

Amber, who seemingly played the victim in the whole drama, revealed that she proceeded to the kitchen while on a call with her pastor.

Few minutes she heard Amira hurling insults at her while outside her compound and she was left in bewilderment wondering what wrong she had done.

She decided to get out and face Amira when she could no longer stomach Amira's stabbing insults.

“I couldn’t just sit and let her abuse me to an extent of even using my past to make me feel like I’m nothing. I haven’t killed anyone, I’m just a second wife.” She said.

According to Amber, she is not temperamental but very welcoming, but Amira could not just call her or visiting her and sort out the issue peacefully.

“You don’t have to keep looking for trouble always and stop crucifying me for being a second wife. Polygamous marriage is legal in Kenya. So you have no other options but to agree that we are sharing.”

She also defended herself over claims that she used black magic on Jamal, stating that he declared his undying love for her without being forced.

“I love my husband owing to the fact that he stood by his decision that I am his wife. He approached me and said he loves me and would like to marry me and we publicized everything immediately.”

She further took time urging Amira to quit the publicity stunts and accept that they are sharing Jamal.