A viral video showing a young lady heavily drunk after partying during the World Rally Championships (WRC) has left netizens in shock.

In the video making rounds online, a girl dressed in red dress could be seen receiving help from her friend who had called a boda boda guy to carry them.

The lady, being half-conscious, made it hard for the motorist to ride as she kept swing from side to side.

It took the efforts of some police officers around the area who arrived at the scene and offered help.

The lady’s name has not yet been identified but netizens have christened her ‘girl in red dress'.

However, that is not the only weird incident that took place during the Naivasha Rally.

Another man ended up wrecking his car in what is believed to be an overspeeding incident while under the influence of a certain drug. It is, however, not yet confirmed.

Netizens online have hilariously reacted to the incidents with others saying the revellers should be allowed to do their things without criticism.

However, others have condemned such behaviours stating they are unacceptable in the community.