Tanzanian bongo music star Rajab Abdul alias Harmonize has positively reacted to Christopher Nyangwara Mosioma, popularly known as Embarambamba dance moves.

The singer talked about Embarambamba during an interview with a local media where a discussion happened about the uniqueness of East Africa.

The singer advised East African artists to think and create original content than copying from others.

“Something you need to understand is that music is about culture, they have their own culture and we have our own. We can’t just stop singing our Bongo Fleva and start emulating their style of music when they can’t try our music,” Harmonize said.

According to the singer, if all East African artists create original content then they will attract a large audience across the world just South Africa and Nigeria. 

Harmonize gave an example of Kenya’s dance master Embarambamba. He noted that the Kisii singer might at one time be the one representing East Africa on a global stage following his uniqueness.

“We are supposed to keep pushing our identity. If you keep pushing music has a way of rewarding you, you can be shocked that Embarambamba at the end of the day becomes the one representing us on the international stage,” He added.