Renowned fashion blogger and YouTuber This Is Ess, real name Sharon Mundia has vehemently denied ever having any romantic relationship with a woman.

Sharon’s sentiments followed a random question from a curious fan on whether she was a lesbian.

Her followers had time to ask her the question after she started a question-and-answer session on her Instagram.

While answering the question, Mundia denied the claims and further noted that she has no problem with lesbianism and wishes that it might be legalised in Kenya.

“I have never been in a relationship with a woman. If I think of my significant other, I visualise what the future looks like it’s a man next to me but I do wish we could legalise it here in Kenya. I wish people could be with and marry whoever they want to marry.” Mundia opened up.

In another question, a fan wanted to know if she was off the market.

Mundia previously dated Lonina Leteipan for some time and they even sired a baby girl together.

The two, however, parted ways months after their big engagement and wedding ceremony.

She said she was not sure how to approach the question.

“I just don’t know if I can answer it. I really could be on my 6th marriage, I would never talk about it, ever. Although sometimes am not entirely sure if this would remain true for a long time. And I think about someone like Jada and Will and how beautiful they’ve been and being open with their marriage, and I think that’s nice,” 

The single mother of one has taken care of her baby girl well and kept her out of the limelight to avoid unnecessary bullying.

She has been observing her beauty rules, and she looks absolutely beautiful.