Radio Maisha rhumba presenter Nick Odhiambo has resigned from the station after working for the media house owned by Standard Group Limited for the last four years.

Odhiambo is said to be headed for Hot 96 fm, one of the stations under Royal Media Services, the media house owned by billionaire media mogul SK Macharia.

The voice over artist and former Classic 105 fm presenter is reported to have walked out of the Mombasa Road based media company on June 22 ahead of his move to RMS.


Odhiambo is expected to join Hot 96, the station whose head is Cynthia Mwangi, to breath some fresh air into the station following the exit of comedian Professor Hamo months back.

“Today's my final RHUMBA show on air after 4years at @radiomaisha! did i ever think i'd switch to swahili radio? NOPE but the opportunity came and i took it. transitioning back to english radio in a few days tupige sherehe leo buuuuuurrrdan is burrrdaaan #PapaNickYeboooo!,” Odhiambo posted on social media.

Meanwhile, he has already been replaced at Radio Maisha by Titi Nagwalla, who is also a veteran radio presenter, as the station seeks to fill the gap left by the veteran presenter.


The part-time actor and comedian joined Radio Maisha after working for 10 years at Classic 105 hosting The Drive together with Larry Asego and is expected to report at Hot 96 on July 1.