Former BBC journalist and gay activist Chris Makena Njeri has clarified that Michelle Ntalami is not her lesbian wife.

During an interview with Radio Jambo, the founder of the Bold Network Africa stressed that it was disrespectful for people to assume that she is married to Michelle.

Makena Njeri and Michelle Ntalami. PHOTO/COURTESY

"Ni makosa sana kusema kwamba huyo (Michelle) ni bibi yangu, hiyo ni makosa sana kwa sababu my relationship with Michelle is that we are very, very good friends. And if you go to my Instagram, you will find that I have posted so many people. Hata leo nikitoka hapa nitapost Massawe na nitakuongelesha kama rafiki yangu. Kwa hivyo, hiyo ni Makosa kusema mtu ni bibi ya mtu,” she said.

Njeri also confirmed that she and Michelle are only good friends who share more about life together.

Michelle Ntalami. PHOTO/COURTESY

“We are very very good friends and if you go to my Instagram, you will find that I have posted so many people. I live my life very openly. If it comes a time when I will need to introduce my wife publicly, I will,” she said.

However, upon being asked if she was seeing someone else, the media personality avoided that question altogether, only saying:

Makena Njeri. Makena Njeri. PHOTO/COURTESY

“Let’s focus on Bold Network Africa. There is nothing like a wife right now. As long as you are in my inner circle, I appreciate my friends a lot. I live my life very openly. If it comes a time when I will need to introduce my wife publicly, I will.”