Reports have emerged that actress Gloria Moraa Nyaboke was barred from the burial of the father of her two children, Kenyan rugby legend Benjamin Ayimba Friday.

Fellow actress Sandra Dacha, who had accompanied Moraa to Siaya county for Ayimba’s final send-off ceremony posted on social media that Ayimba’s sisters-in-law had allegedly called police on Moraa.

“You bring a whole police force from Siaya to come bar her from burying her baby daddy? Huyu msichana mmoja, Toxic sister-in-law,” Dacha posted.

Gloria Moraa and Benjamin Ayimba. PHOTO/COURTESY

According to the Aunty Boss actress, Moraa and her children were treated unfairly during the somber ceremony in Ayimba’s rural home.

“The only mistake was to come bury their father Benjamin Ayimba. The way they’ve been treated my God! I don’t care how I’ve been treated but I care about they treated this youngsters. Sasa mnabagua watoto na ni damu moja,” Dacha added.

She, however, revealed that Moraa and her two children were later let in by police officers after the confrontation and drama that lasted more than four hours attracting the attention of mourners.

“The police were instructed not to let us in but upon seeing these cute boys they let us in immediately, may God bless you police from Siaya, At least mko na roho jameni.

 “I salute them because they were really behind us as the rest showed us their backs the whole four hours.”