Silas Jakakimba, a former aide to ODM leader Raila Odinga, was recently involved in a nasty public spat with his former wife over the custody of their three adorable sons.

The drama started after a lawyer named Duncan Okatch challenged Jakakimba on social media to provide upkeep for their children, who live with their mother after they parted ways four years back.

In a rejoinder, the flamboyant city lawyer accused the lawyer of allegedly physically attacking him during a confrontation at one of his sons’ high-end school in Nairobi.

“He went physical on me, fist-punching me severally on my face, causing instant soft tissue injuries to the temporal and orbital regions of my left eye,” he claimed in a lengthy social media post.

He added, “Sensing my son would be at risk, the principal whisked him into the office and locked the door, while I remained to pick my broken eyeglasses and some personal effects. I thereafter went for treatment at Nairobi Women’s Hospital, where I was treated and discharged, and later reported the incident at Kilimani Police Station (OB No. 44/12/05/2021).”

Jakakimba maintained that he has been committed in meeting his obligations as a father to his sons.

“I will never, ever allow, as long as I breathe, a dirty man, or all those other funny men around town, to act in any manner whatsoever, to even remotely suggest that they could ‘care’ more about my sons than I do. “I have battled, and will continue to do so, for that immutable and sacred place of a caring father in the lives of his Blood and Children. My sons are my eternal Social, Economic, and Cultural Responsibility and, no man – can inherit my Sons in my Lifetime,” Jakakimba vowed in a Facebook post.

Silas Jakakimba. PHOTO/COURTESY 

The lawyer, who has expressed interest in vying for the Langata Constituency Parliamentary seat in the 2022 general election, said he intended to move his three sons to another school.

Jakakimba and his wife Lynette divorced four years ago after he accused her of having an affair with a senior officer at the National Assembly, where she also works, and have been engaged in a custody battle.