Celebrated radio presenter Annita Raey has narrated how she fell in the hands of cons who promised to hook her with a Caucasian lover during a period she had been heartbroken.

The former Hot 96 fm host revealed how she was desperate at the time after breaking up with her husband who she claimed had been abusive.

Following the break-up, Annita decided that it was time to look for a settle with the white man to heal her heart which had been trampled on by multiple Kenyan men in the past.

She then approached a dating agency based on a newspaper advert she came across and she was asked for cash before they could hook her up with the kind of mzungu she desired based on her description.


She felt she was very close to getting the white man of her dreams and sent Sh2,000 to the agency allegedly based in Nairobi to unlock her preferred man’s profile. A meeting was then planned with an agency personnel.

“When we met he told me that he had met my match and I was already registered on their platform, then took me to a cyber café to confirm. The guy told me that in order to access my soul mate’s profile I needed to top up with Sh2,000, which I did,” she narrated.


She was then promised she would be connected with her Mr Right white guy later that day.

However, when she tried to contact the dating agency the following morning, none of their contacts were going through.

It was at this point that she came to the realization that she had been conned.

And that marked the end of Annita Raey's mzungu man dreams.