Gengetone musician Alexander Ikuro, who is known by his stage name Lexxy Yung, and his girlfriend have been thrown into mourning following the untimely demise of their unborn baby.

Yung on Sunday shared the sad news on his Instagram page expressing how the incident has darkened their world.

According to the artist, their unborn son passed away due to alleged negligence by nurses at a nursing home in Limuru accsing them of piercing the baby while breaking his girlfriend’s amniotic fluid.

"A nurse alipasua maji ya wife, which I am not sure inafaa kupasuliwa, and in that event akadunga mtoi and my baby boy who has been healthy anacheza nikimuita was taken away ivo tuu," he posted.


Lexxy Yung also revealed that his efforts to communicate with the said health facility concerning the tragic delivery incident have proved futile and vowed to seek justice for his unborn son’s sudden death.

"I know there's nothing, not even any amount of money, that can bring my son back. I shed tears when they showed me the lifeless foetus. But with all honesty, I need help from anybody who can help me solve this and get justice. May the person responsible be brought to book. If not, let them never find peace. This one hurts so much," he added.

The Gengetone singer concluded his message noting that all he wanted was to take care of his kid with lots of love but that has now been taken away from him.

"I just wanted to provide for my son and give him everything I never had. now the hospital's lack of professionalism has taken all that away," he concluded.


Lexxy was a key member of the once high-riding Gengetone group, Sailors Gang, before their management issues dimmed their fast rising star.