Comedian Herman Gakobo Kago popularly known as Professor Hamo has revealed that Stella Bunei Koitie alias Jemutai is his wife and not baby mama.

Hamo said that during a Question and Answer (Q&A) session on Instagram after one of his fans inquired if he had settled their differences with Jemutai.

In response, Hamo said that Jemutai is not only the mother of his children but also his wife.

Prof Hamo and Jemutai. PHOTO/COURTESY

When asked if he would marry Jemutai as his second wife by another fan, the comedian responded to the affirmative saying that they had come a long way.  

"Will you marry Jemutai as your second wife? She is a beautiful woman and a go-getter," asked a fan.

"Yes. We have come a long way," responded Hamo.

Prof. Hamo and Jemutai. PHOTO/COURTESY

The popular comedian and former radio presenter said that even though they had a public outburst, their love was still going strong.

"It's people who love each other that fight," Hamo said in a rejoinder.

Prof. Hamo and Jemutai had a public outburst after she publicly accused him of being a dead bead dad and sought help from members of the public.

Hamo also came out to refudiate the claims and went as far as asking for a DNA test on their children to ascertain their paternity, and the result confirmed a 99.9% match.

After the intervention and advice of their mentor boss Daniel 'Churchill' Ndambuki and life coach Robert Burale, the two ceased fire and agreed on raising their children.

Hamo ate humble pie and apologised to Jemutai, all his children, and his fans for his conduct and promised to better himself.