Rémy Martin has launched a new global campaign with US multi-Grammy Award winner Usher Raymond as they celebrate the blending of music and Cognac.

The “Team Up For Excellence - The Film” is a highlight of the cultural connection between Cognac and music since 1917 in France, and their synonymous relationship since.

Usher, in The Film, shares a story that spans from the 1920s to the present day and pays tribute to the multi-cultural connections from blues to hip-hop, to swing to break-dancing.

Usher and Rémy Martin ®1738 Accord Royal travel through tens of years in France and US honoring music cultural figures with a shared philosophy of aiming for the stars.

“Music doesn’t need Cognac to exist, and Cognac doesn’t need music to exist, but what is beautiful is that they were meant to meet and when they did, they created cultural harmony,” Usher says in The Film.

Also joining the star are other global creatives like Raphael Saadiq, Marci Rodgers, Aakomon Jones and Jake Nava, the director of the iconic production.

The film captures the heart and soul of cultural movements in history and how they paved way for future artistes to innovate and pays tribute to their roots and earlier musical styles.

The respect for heritage is celebrated by Rémy Martin and Cellar Master, Baptiste Loiseau, who inherited the nous of the House from previous generations of cellar masters.


Amaury Vinclet, Global Executive Director of Rémy Martin, said the campaign encompasses the spirit of celebrating depth of character and the excitement of indulging in moments of collective success.

“Rémy Martin has been at the center of celebration for centuries, and the celebratory nature of Music is synonymous with our history of honoring communities and culture,” said Vinclet.

He added, “Acknowledging this collective success has been at the heart of Rémy Martin since 1724.”

Philippe Farnier, Chief Executive Officer for The House of Rémy Martin, lauded the campaign as monumental.

“Team Up For Excellence – The Film, is a monumental artistic achievement stemming from our collaboration and long-standing relationship with our trusted creative global agency, Fred & Farid,” said Farnier.

He added, “We celebrate this performance between our brand, creative agency and artist Usher. At Rémy Martin, we team up with those sharing our same quest for excellence, rooted in our values of people, terroir and time.”

Rémy Martin has feted music innovators before, including in Kenya, as rapper King Kaka featured its “Team Up For Excellence” campaign in 2020 and “One Life, Live Them” in 2018.

King Kaka and guests at a private dinner in Versailles 2019. PHOTO/RÉMY MARTIN

In 2019, King Kaka made headlines for attending the Cannes Film Festival alongside the House to hail diversity of culture and the convergence of creatives from across the world.

Rémy Martin says its desire to team up with others to seek excellence has been a part of its philosophy since 1724 alongside its dedication to creating premium Cognac for its lovers.

Following its launch in the US, the short film is set to be screened in many countries globally.