The Government has unveiled a comprehensive strategy aimed at significantly propelling the country's manufacturing sector.

The 2024 Manufacturing Priority Agenda, launched on Wednesday, outlines a four-pronged approach to increase the sector's contribution to the national economy.

Juma Mukhwana, Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Investments, Trade and Industry, addressed journalists in Nairobi, outlining the plan's ambitious target.

"This Manufacturing Priority Agenda serves as a roadmap to propel the manufacturing sector's contribution to the GDP from its current 7.8 per cent to a remarkable 20 per cent by 2030," he declared.

The strategy prioritizes several key areas to achieve this growth. Ensuring access to affordable electricity and fuel is a central pillar, as highlighted by Mukhwana.

"The competitiveness of our manufacturing sector hinges on readily available and affordable energy sources," he emphasized.

Another crucial focus is on export-led industrialization. The agenda aims to achieve this by promoting value addition to Kenya's agricultural exports.

This approach was underscored by Rajan Shah, Chairman of the Kenya Association of Manufacturing (KAM).

"Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of Kenya's industrialization aspirations," Shah remarked.

The agenda acknowledges this, incorporating measures to support SMEs through improved access to markets and financing.

Furthermore, the plan identifies 32 specific agricultural value chains for targeted investment.

These value chains, encompassing crops like oilseeds, spices, and dairy, are prioritized due to their potential for significant job creation.

The 2024 Manufacturing Priority Agenda represents a significant step by the Kenyan government to bolster the nation's industrial sector.

By addressing key challenges and prioritizing strategic areas, the plan seeks to unlock substantial growth and create a more robust and job-rich manufacturing landscape.