Kenya's ambitious plan to become entirely reliant on renewable energy by 2030 has received a major shot in the arm with a Sh11.2 billion ($70) million endorsement from the Climate Investment Funds (CIF).

This initial investment, part of the CIF's Renewable Energy Integration program, paves the way for Kenya to unlock nearly Sh 48.2 billion ($300) million in additional funding from public and private sectors, including the African Development Bank and the World Bank Group.

Luis Tineo, the interim CEO of CIF, expressed the significance of the concessional funding.

"CIF's concessional funding will be instrumental in getting power to Kenyan consumers where and when they need it," Tineo stated.

This injection of capital will not only support Kenya's ambitious climate goals, but also improve grid stability and flexibility, paving the way for future innovations in battery storage and pumped hydropower.

According to Energy PS Alex Wachira, the plan aims to increase the share of variable renewable energy sources like wind and solar from 19 per cent to 30 per cent by 2030, contributing significantly to Kenya's clean energy transition.

"The plan will assist Kenya in her ambition to achieve 100 per cent clean energy in the power system by 2030 and place it well on the trajectory to achieving Net Zero by 2050," said Wachira.

This endorsement is being hailed as a significant step towards a sustainable energy future for Kenya.

Keith Hansen, the World Bank Country Director for Kenya, acknowledged Kenya's leadership in the transition towards 100 per cent clean energy, highlighting the World Bank's support in developing a smart and flexible energy system to realize these ambitious goals.

"The World Bank is supporting the government in developing a smart and flexible energy system that makes these ambitions possible," Hansen said.

This investment is not just about environmental sustainability; it's about building a more resilient and equitable energy future for all Kenyans.

With cleaner, more reliable power, Kenya can unlock economic growth, improve public health, and create new opportunities for its citizens.

The journey towards a 100 per cent renewable energy grid is well underway, and this latest endorsement is a powerful testament to Kenya's commitment to a greener future.