Equity Bank is seeking to foster global connectivity with its innovative money transfer solutions that seek to ensure seamless, secure and swift cash transfer between customers.

These money transfer services cover a wide spectrum including cash pick-up, deposits to bank accounts and mobile wallets enhancing financial empowerment and convenience.

Equity has partnered with MoneyGram, Western Union, Paypal, Transfast, Ria Money, Thunes, Transfer, HelloPaisa, Terrapay and Alfardan to ensure customers can receive cash from anywhere in the world at its more than 193 Kenyan branches and to their bank accounts.

Money to Family

This solution comes in handy, for example, if a son or daughter working in the US wants to send a cash gift to their parents in Kenya through Equity's International Money Transfer.

The solution provides parents of such persons with convenient, reliable and straightforward means of accessing the sent funds through Equity’s vast branch network across the country.

Expenses with Ease

Equity's international money transfer solutions can enable a family member working abroad to pay their child’s school fees and shopping in Kenya using its global payment partners.

The receiving family can expediently access the money at any Equity Branch countrywide, ensuring that the school fees, shopping and other expenses are well covered seamlessly.

The family member can also send the funds to the Equity Bank account of the child's parent/guardian who can then access the funds through the various channels Equity provides – ie Equity Mobile App on Play Store: http://bit.ly/EquitymobileAndroid or App Store: http://bit.ly/EquityMobileIOS , Equity Online: https://equityonline.equitygroupholdings.com/en/access/login, USSD - *247# or Equitel.

Global Access to Capital

A business owner needing to receive funds from abroad can leverage Equity's vast branch network to access funds via international money transfer partners anywhere countrywide.

The quick and secure access to capital enables entrepreneurs to grab opportunities, invest in growth and address urgent financial needs ensuring the overall success of their ventures.

Accessing Convenience

Equity's international money transfer solutions draws the world closer and in the process makes financial transactions across borders fast, easy, and convenient.

Customers can receive cash for personal use or for business conveniently through the Group’s international money transfer partners at any Equity Branch countrywide.

For more information call 0763 000 000, SMS 24990, or visit any Equity Branch for support.