In a groundbreaking collaboration, financial services provider Old Mutual has joined forces with Haltons Pharmacy and Goodlife Pharmacy to introduce the Pharmacy First service in Kenya.

This innovative initiative aims to transform the landscape of primary healthcare access and delivery by providing Kenyans with a convenient and efficient means of receiving treatment at Community Pharmacies.

Under this program, which falls under Old Mutual's medical covers, clients are empowered to seek consultation with clinicians at accredited pharmacies and receive necessary medications if the condition can be effectively managed on-site. 

This strategic alliance represents a pivotal shift in healthcare accessibility, ensuring patients receive timely care precisely when needed.

Old Mutual Health’s Managing Director, Japheth Ogalloh, highlighted the customer-centric approach driving the Pharmacy First program.

"The Pharmacy First programme is designed with people’s health and convenience in mind, prioritising accessible and efficient healthcare solutions. At Old Mutual, our business decisions are informed by unique customer needs and emerging global trends," Ogalloh stated.

The program we are unveiling today underscores that. We remain committed to our customers’ needs at all times."

Ogalloh emphasized that the introduction of the Pharmacy First service underscores Old Mutual Health’s dedication to delivering high-quality healthcare services that are both accessible and convenient.

Gregory Rockson, CEO of Haltons Pharmacy, expressed pride in the partnership and its potential to enhance healthcare affordability for Kenyans.

"We are proud to have designed the pharmacy-first program and pioneered it with Old Mutual. We strongly believe this program will significantly improve the healthcare experience for Kenyans through a faster and more efficient way to address minor ailments," Rockson stated.

Justin Melvin, CEO of Goodlife Pharmacy, echoed this sentiment, describing the Pharmacy First Program as a significant step toward revolutionizing healthcare accessibility in Kenya.

"It empowers patients with minor ailments to access quality treatment and medication at any of our pharmacies countrywide, and with this, our customers are guaranteed of saving time and money," Melvin added.

This strategic collaboration between Old Mutual, Haltons Pharmacy, and Goodlife Pharmacy marks a milestone in the effort to provide accessible and efficient healthcare solutions to the Kenyan population, reinforcing the commitment to meeting evolving customer needs and global healthcare trends.