Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are unable to complete your transaction due to insufficient funds while paying for goods and services, paying bills, sending money, or purchasing airtime through *247#, Equitel, or the Equity Mobile App?

It can be frustrating when you face this challenge, especially when you are forced to exit the payment journey to look for alternative sources of funds to complete your transaction or fail to meet your immediate needs when alternative sources are not available.

Equity is offering an exciting solution that addresses this very issue making it easier for you to complete your transactions.

The solution by Equity empowers its customers to conveniently and seamlessly complete transactions to make a payment, send money or buy airtime, even when they run low on cash while using *247#, Equitel or Equity Mobile App.

You can complete your transaction seamlessly without exiting the payment process to ensure you make your purchases or send money without interruptions. This is how it works:

When making a transaction,

• You'll receive a top-up prompt. This prompt displays your loan limit, the amount needed to complete the transaction.

• To proceed, you simply accept the top-up prompt and the associated terms and conditions.

• An SMS notification is sent to confirm credit success and completion of the transaction.

The solution by Equity allows you to top up any amount between Sh100 to Sh100,000 based on your limit, when you have insufficient funds.

Furthermore, the repayment terms are incredibly flexible, allowing you to repay the amount within 30 days from the day you initiate it.

In the 30-day period, you can accumulate money in your account without any automatic deductions, since amount borrowed is only repaid at the end of this allowable period.

You can also opt to repay the borrowed amount before the 30-day period ends.

During the Gospel Sunday show on Citizen TV, Equity Bank's Sector Head of Digital Lending Nicholas Karanja, and Equity Community Business Growth and Development Manager Peter Karuga shed light on how this innovative feature will enhance consumer experience when shopping, paying bills, sending money or buying airtime.

The service is accessible via various platforms, including *247#, Equitel, and Equity Mobile App, making it a versatile tool for making payments to the One Equity Till Number for FREE at over 900,000 Pay With Equity (PWE) Merchants countrywide and facilitating person-to-person money transfers between Equity Bank accounts and other bank accounts.

“Imagine going to the supermarket, filling up your cart, and reaching the cashier only to find your bill is Sh2,000 while your account holds just Sh1,300,” said Karuga

He added: “With this solution, you'll receive a top-up instantly, enabling you to complete your transaction. You can top up as many times as possible within your limit."

Karuga says the process takes only a few seconds to complete and Equity ensures you can complete your transaction, even when you have limited funds when making a payment.

It's important to note that this feature is available exclusively to customers who have held Equity Bank accounts for more than six months and have a good credit history, and each customer has a predetermined credit limit based on their account usage.

For those who value shopping convenience and wish to avoid the unease of trying to make a purchase without sufficient funds, you don’t need to ask the cashier to remove some items from your shopping list.

With Equity Bank's new innovative top-up solution towards the completion of a transaction, you can access the financial flexibility needed to fulfill all your shopping or payment needs.

To qualify for the top-up, ensure you have an active Equity Account and an available loan limit. Dial *247# to check your loan limit today.

If you do not have an Equity account, open an account (https://equitygroupholdings.com/ke/open-an-account) now to unlock these benefits and more.