Ride-hailing platform Bolt has pledged to upscale safety measures following a recent incident in which one of its drivers was captured exposing his private parts to a female client resulting in his suspension from the app.

The incident came to light when a video circulated on social media showing the inappropriate behaviour by the driver operating on the Bolt app as the female customer reprimanded him.

Bolt, in response, issued a statement on Tuesday emphasizing its dedication to ensuring the safety of its users and promoting a zero-tolerance policy against any misconduct by its drivers or riders.

Linda Ndungu, Country Manager for Bolt, reiterated the company's commitment to maintaining a secure environment for all users.

"As part of our commitment to safety, we persistently pursue innovation and allocate resources towards improving our safety features, all while enhancing our driver verification procedures," Ndungu stated.

"Our goal is to ensure the presence of high-quality drivers on our platform. We also continue to work collaboratively with the local authorities to address these incidents comprehensively."

Bolt also said it has been proactive in enhancing its safety measures and procedures to provide a safer and more reliable experience for its users.

The company stated it has been implementing operational adjustments in collaboration with industry regulators, such as the National Safety and Transportation Authority (NTSA) and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

According to Bolt, these adjustments include thorough background checks for all drivers on its platform and ensuring that they possess all the required statutory documents for operation.

Additionally, the company said it provides guidance to its drivers through training sessions and ongoing assessments.

The Bolt app offers a range of safety features to enhance the safety of its users, including:

Driver and Car Verification: Riders can check and confirm that the driver and car picking them up match the details displayed in the app.

Driver Selfie Check: Drivers are required to submit a selfie to confirm their identity, helping to prevent account sharing or the creation of multiple accounts.

Driver and Rider Trip-Sharing: This feature allows drivers and riders to share their live trip status with a third party, who can follow the trip in real-time. Bolt monitors trips throughout the journey.

Share ETA Feature: Riders can share their live trip details with emergency contact numbers, enhancing safety during their journey.

SOS Emergency Button: Users can use this button to seek security or medical assistance in case of immediate danger.

Rider and Driver Rating Scores: Drivers and riders can rate each other after every trip, and Bolt takes these ratings into careful consideration to address any unacceptable behavior.

24/7 Monitoring and Customer Support: Bolt provides round-the-clock monitoring and customer support for safety incidents.

Ndungu emphasized that safety is a collective responsibility within the industry, and Bolt is fully committed to providing secure mobility solutions.

"Safety is an industry-wide issue and requires collective responsibility. Bolt is committed to providing safe and secure mobility solutions to all," Ndungu stated.

She encouraged all users on the platform to report any incidents and share feedback with Bolt's dedicated Safety Support team through the in-app support feature or via email.

Bolt's continuous efforts to enhance safety underscore the company's dedication to providing a secure and reliable transportation experience for its users.