Sanlam Kenya and Little App have joined forces to introduce a life insurance dubbed "Shift Your Destiny" under Sanlam Life Insurance.

This innovative product is tailored to provide essential financial security for the families of Little App drivers in the unfortunate event of bereavement or permanent disability.

Sanlam Life Insurance's "Shift Your Destiny" insurance coverage can be effortlessly accessed through the Little Driver's App, offering drivers a choice of three distinct packages.

This comprehensive coverage ensures vital support within a mere 48 hours, delivering invaluable assistance in the form of school fees and rent payments to the families of drivers facing life-altering circumstances.

The CEO of Sanlam Kenya Group, Patrick Tumbo, expressed his enthusiasm during the formal signing of this partnership.

He underlined that this collaboration is in perfect alignment with Sanlam's unwavering commitment to enhancing product offerings, digitizing distribution channels, and delivering services more efficiently to the market.

"We are redefining insurance by reimagining the distribution model, ensuring that our products reach the uninsured population across the nation, leaving no stone unturned," Tumbo declared.

Kamal Budhabhatti, the Chief Executive Officer of Little App, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing the welfare of their drivers, who are their primary stakeholders.

"Our ultimate aim is to empower our drivers with access to a comprehensive suite of financial services that cater to their long-term investment needs, enabling growth for all." Furthermore, he asserted.

"With the Little Super-App, we are dedicated to delivering an unparalleled customer and product experience for both our drivers and riders."

The partnership is poised to commence with the enrollment of 10,000 drivers under the coverage.

Additionally, financial literacy training will be offered to an additional 30,000 individuals to raise awareness about the significance of insurance and its associated benefits.

The "Shift Your Destiny" insurance plan offers an extensive array of benefits, encompassing comprehensive family safeguarding, incidental coverage for permanent disabilities, adaptable payment choices, cost-effectiveness, simplified initiation, and an efficient claims handling procedure.

Notably, it distinguishes itself by ensuring that benefits are disbursed within an industry-leading 48-hour timeframe, with an added perk of policyholders being eligible for a 10 per cent no-claim cashback.