National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has declined to renew Bolt's license to operate in Kenya for allegedly failing to comply with the Transportation Network Companies (TNC), Owners, Drivers and Passengers Regulations, 2022.

In a statement, NTSA said it had received complaints from a number of Bolt drivers and their representatives relating to non-compliance and violations of the TNC Regulations.

“We have received several formal complaints from drivers and their representatives regarding alleged non-compliance and violations of the provisions of the TNC Regulations," NTSA said in the letter.

NTSA also indicated that it had gotten evidence that Bolt was illegally charging drivers commission rates higher than 18 per cent, while also imposing an unauthorized booking fee.

The regulator directed Bolt to provide a concrete plan of action outlining steps it plans to take to rectify the situation, a breakdown of the commission rates it is effecting, justification for the said commission structure, and also ordered it to cease using the illegal booking fee.

NTSA urged Bolt to engage in open dialogue with drivers, their representatives and other relevant stakeholders to address their concerns towards a mutually beneficial resolution.

The authority warned that it would not renew Bolt's operating license until the key issues raised by the drivers and their representatives are satisfactorily addressed and rectified.