Safaricom has unveiled new cloud computing platform and services seeking to be hosted in data centres in Nairobi and Kisumu counties and powered by VMware technologies.

The revamped in-country services include the ability for customers to operate their applications flexibly to allocate cloud computing capabilities on a single pane of glass.

Safaricom says the new features allow customers to purchase cloud computing capabilities in bulk and establish the environment to suit the business application requirements.

“This signifies a new era of possibilities for businesses as a catalyst for innovation and growth,” said Safaricom Chief Enterprise Business Officer Cynthia Karuri-Kropac.

She added, “We believe that by providing businesses with world-class cloud computing capabilities, we empower them to unlock new opportunities, thrive in the digital age and achieve their growth aspirations more efficiently and cost-effectively.”

She says the launch aligns with the telcos pledge to fostering Kenya’s digital transformation towards its mission to transform to a purpose-led technology company by the end of 2025.

The new cloud services will avail to enterprise customers the flexibility to grow their businesses by using computing resources in a scalable manner leveraging OPEX models.

It will provide them the capabilities to run their business from anywhere with access to their operations being highly available thus providing reliable operations to their end customers.

The cloud services also provide secure hosting services for business applications as well as secure connectivity and payment integrations.

Safaricom Cloud was established in 2010 offering infrastructure as a service and with consumption based on Virtual Machines and Managed Service instead of self-service.