In the wake of a recent safety incident where two young girls were abducted while riding in one of their vehicles, Bolt a ride-hailing platform in Kenya has issued a statement addressing the matter.

Bolt in its statement expressed deep appreciation for the local authorities' relentless efforts in swiftly resolving the case and reuniting the girls with their families.

The company said it proactively collaborated with law enforcement, providing crucial information that aided the investigation's conclusion.

"We strongly discourage the use of vehicles that do not match the details on the platform, as this was one of the issues that led to this unfortunate incident," emphasized a Bolt spokesperson.

Acknowledging the unfortunate incident, Bolt said it has taken significant steps to prevent such occurrences and bolster the safety of its users.

One of the key issues identified was the use of vehicles that did not match the details on the platform.

To address this, Bolt has implemented measures to enhance transparency and accountability for both drivers and riders.

When requesting a ride, riders are now presented with driver and car verification details. Bolt encourages riders to verify that the driver and car registration details provided during pickup match those displayed on the app.

According to Bolt's statement, immediate action is taken against drivers who exhibit behaviour inconsistent with these details, including blocking them from the platform.

"We strongly encourage all riders and drivers to report any incidents to our Customer Support team through our in-app support feature," added Bolt.

Furthermore, Bolt announced it has introduced the driver selfie check feature, which serves as an additional safety measure.

This functionality helps prevent driver impersonation and account sharing, further securing the integrity of the platform and instilling confidence in riders.

Ensuring prompt assistance in emergency situations, Bolt's driver and rider apps now include an SOS emergency button. This feature empowers users to swiftly alert authorities and seek immediate security or first-response medical assistance during any active trip.

Emphasizing the utmost priority placed on the safety of drivers and riders alike, Bolt urges all users to report any incidents they encounter. 

By implementing these additional safety measures and fostering open communication channels, the company is working to provide a reliable and secure transportation experience for all its users.