Isuzu Kenya has finally unleashed the highly anticipated "Eliud Kipchoge 1:59 Isuzu D-Max Limited" in honour of the esteemed two-time Olympic marathon champion.

The prestigious event took place at Isuzu manufacturing firm on Mombasa Road, with the presence of Isuzu East Africa Managing Director, Rita Kavashe, and the marathon world records holder Eliud Kipchoge.

Isuzu East Africa General Marketing Manager Kevin Ochieng was also present during the momentous occasion, 

Ochieng proudly declared that this exclusive limited edition vehicle will commemorate Kipchoge's extraordinary achievements during their remarkable five-year partnership.

He further emphasized that a symbolic number of 1:59 vehicles will be produced to pay homage to Kipchoge's remarkable feats.

Ochieng said the limited editions were intended for customers with a keen interest in these exceptional vehicles.

He eagerly disclosed the company will produce only 159 units, so those interested should act swiftly.

Ochieng also revealed that the vehicle encompasses three intertwined concepts, embodying three distinct personas simultaneously.

"These will be limited editions for customers interested in these types of vehicles. We shall have 159 vehicles so those interested should hurry up," Ochieng' said.

"It immortalizes Eliud as the Greatest of all Time, represents the Kenyan spirit, and highlights the unlimited capabilities within every individual," Ochieng stated.

He further explained that this limited edition model exclusively boasts a captivating desert orange colour, proudly showcasing the national flag of Kenya on its grill.

Ochieng elaborated on the unique design elements, stating,"The wheels and the rim are black to symbolise the people of Kenya."

Ochieng' added the vehicle features the notable 1:59 marking, representing Kipchoge's monumental achievement during the INEOS event, along with his signature on the door and the mats.

Furthermore, Ochieng announced that each buyer will have the honour of having their name elegantly engraved on the vehicle, adding a personalized touch to this extraordinary edition.

As a gesture of great honour to his exceptional career, Kipchoge will have the privilege of driving home the very first special edition model, marked as 001.

Last year, Kipchoge broke his own world marathon record in Berlin, completing the race in an astonishing two hours, one minute, and nine seconds.

However, the origins of the "Eliud Kipchoge 1:59 Isuzu D-Max" trace back to the historic INEOS 1:59 Challenge in Austria on October 12, 2019.

It was during this groundbreaking event that Kipchoge made history as the first man to complete a marathon in under two hours, accomplishing the astounding feat in just 1:59:41.

While recounting Kipchoge's remarkable journey since their partnership commenced five years ago, Kaveshe highlighted his extraordinary achievements.

She mentioned Kipchoge's victorious 2018 Berlin Marathon, where he set a new world marathon record by finishing in a remarkable 2:01:39, a record that he went on to break the following year.

With the unveiling of the "Eliud Kipchoge 1:59 Isuzu D-Max Limited," Isuzu Kenya celebrates the incredible athletic prowess of Eliud Kipchoge, encapsulating his enduring legacy in the realm of marathon running.