Housing PS Charles Hinga has rooted for mandatory contributions for the Housing Fund saying it will help attract badly needed investments to the affordable housing scheme.

Speaking at State House in Nairobi on Wednesday, Hinga said the President William Ruto administration is seeking to revolutionize the housing sector in Kenya through the levy.

During the media briefing, the PS sought to address rising concerns about the proposed housing levy contained in the Finance Bill 2023, which is before the National Assembly.

Hinga says the government needs the levy to pay investors when they finish constructing the affordable housing unite even as many Kenyans have opposed the levy and projects.

“Through this collaborative endeavor, we can successfully construct housing units on a large scale. Upon completion, the keys will be handed over, payment will be made, and the investors can move forward with their endeavours,” said Hinga at the State House briefing.

He says the levy was mooted in a bid by the Kenya Kwanza government to address the alarming housing deficit in the country resulting in an increase in informal settlements.

According to the PS, 91 per cent of Kenyans rent houses and that through the affordable housing initiative rent will be subsidised to enable many Kenyans to own their homes.

While revealing that individuals will only be permitted to acquire one unit each, Hinga said that Kenyans who do not already own homes will be given top priority in the programme.

“When you get the house, you don't pay stamp duty. We know where we are, and we know where we want to go. You cannot buy more than one unit. One ID, one house,” he stated.

He revealed that the government had identified 524 pieces of land in major towns across Kenya where 200 affordable housing units will be constructed per constituency and availed.